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DCOK-16 DIY DRY 16 Cars Owner Detailing KIT

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) For 16 Cars: Dry Wash SHINE QUICK Investment Saving Return

Probable ROI (Return-On-Investment) less than 1 Month. See EQ. DIY Kits PRODUCTIVITY ROI Table Benefits of this Wash-SHINE-Detailing KIT:

Ecological: Saves between 60 and 140 gallons of water (Waterless) plus Ecological products help the environment. ECO QUICK TM products are Non-Flammable, Safe, Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic. Also, the Unique Main 2 Products, are in addition Biodegradable.
With ONLY 1 Biodegradable Product Dry Wash / Clean + Shine ALL Car Exterior & Interior.Save 80 to 140 Gallonsof Water vs Standard Bucket Hand Wash.

Detailingwith above, plus only 2other Detail Specialized Products, do 6 additional Services: Basic Exterior & Interior Detailing, Engine Cleaning + Shine, Spot Removing, Extra Shine for Car Interior, Seat Conditioning & UV Rays Protection, Carpet Cleaning.

KIT includes:
*Unique Multi-Service Product for Dry/SHINE Wash + Basic Detailing- Our Flagship Product

ECO QUICKTM Wash & SHINE+ Basic Detailing, Vehicle Exterior & Interior. All with ONE PRODUCT. It is Waterless, ECOLOGICAL, Safe, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, No-Scratches, No-Swirl marks. CLEANS &
SHINE ALL Surfaces: Metal, Glass, Chrome,Aluminum, Leather, Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber& Wood.

Quick & Easy CLEANS & SHINE Steps: 1-Spray on car section and microbber towel, 2-Caress softly with sprayed Microbber towel to clean, removing dirt already lifted by sprayed liquid & 3-Shine with clean side of Microbber towel, passing over cleaned area. Mighty surfactants demolish road grime, contaminants and dirt plus Shining and Phosphate-Free special formula, leaves a Super Clean, Bright and Protected surface. Other waxy-type products prevent good cleaning of glass.

Result: Spotless Clean, Shinning-Beading, Water Spots-Free, Scratch-Free, Swirl-Free and Protected Finish.Safety First: Water on the coor, and a hose, is not only inconvenient but dangerous, and with possible suing risk. Bonus: Saves between 80 to 140 gallons of water.
Multi-Applications: Automotive, Home, Marine, Commercial and Industrial.
*Unique Additional Full DETAILING Multi-Purpose HD Multi-Cleaner + DEGREASER

ECO QUICKTMH.D. Multi-Cleaner + DEGREASER. Unique All-In-One Purpose, Full DETAILING Multi-FunctionProduct. It is ECOLOGICAL,Safe, Non- Toxic, Non-Hazardous, No-Scratches, No-Swirl marks.It is a blend of plant surfactants and essential oils and other special ingredients.CLEANS & SHINE ALL Surfaces: Metal, Glass, Chrome, Aluminum, Leather,Vinyl, Plastic, Rubberand

QUICKLY Cleans ALL Surfaces. Dissolves: Dirt, Grease,Oil, Grime, Dust, Spots, Bugs & Tar. Dry Cleans Engine, Upholstery (Leather, Vinyl, Cloth, Plastic),Carpet, Glass, Metal, Chrome, Aluminum, Rug,Rubberand Wood.

Main Detailing Services:EngineDry Cleaning, CarpetsCleaning, Spot Cleaning(Leather-Vinyl-Plastic-Cloth) of Seats and Car Sections, Bugs & Tar Removal, Wheel Cleaning, Metal, Rubber etc.

Multi-Applications: Automotive, Home, Marine, Commercial and Industrial.
*Unique Additional Full DETAILING Multi-Purpose CONDITIONER & Protector + Semi-Gloss SHINNER

ECO QUICKTM Deluxe CONDITIONER, Protector and Extra SHINER. Unique Multi-Use Full DETAILING Product. It is ECOLOGICAL,Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, No-Scratches, No-Swirl marks. A water-based blend of waxes, oils, plant surfactants and polymers penetrate deeply and provide a protective, luster and resistant coating.

Multi-Function: Conditions, Shines and Protects, at the same time, Upholstery & Other Interior Car Sections (Leather-Vinyl-Plastic-Trim-Rubber- Wood), Dashboard, Tires, Engine and non-painted bumpers. Instead of greasy slippery undesirable surface, it provides a shiny semi-gloss, silky and smooth sparkling bnish to those surfaces. Ideal for preventive treatment of cracking and tearing.

Main Detailing Services: Upholstery Conditioning of Leather Seats and Sections + Shine, Upholstery Conditioning of Vinyl / Plastic Seats and Sections + Shine, Engine Gloss Shinning, Dashboard Protection + Shine, Tires Shinning & Protection.

Multi-Applications:Automotive, Home, Marine, Commercial and Industrial.


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