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DWEF-204 BUS 204 Cars Dry & Wet/FOAM Jet Stream NO-Spots Enthusiast Business Opportunity Detailing KIT

For 204+ Cars: 125 Dry Wash & SHINE + 77 Wet/FOAM with Jet Stream Wash KIT- No HP Washer need NO-Spots(2) Detailing KIT. Less than 20 GL per Wash. See optional Water Meter to verify. QUICK Investment Return: Probable ROI (Return-On-Investment) in 1 Month. See EQ. DIY Kits

(2) 98% No Water Spots guaranteed, assuming instructions are followed

Benefits of this Enthusiast Business Opportunity:

  • Ecological: Saves between 80 and 140 gallons of water (see below) plus Ecological products help the environment. ECO QUICK ™ products are Non-Flammable, Safe, Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic. Also, the Unique Main 2 Products, are in addition Biodegradable.
  • With ONLY 1 Biodegradable PRODUCT Dry Wash / Clean + Shine ALL Car Exterior & Interior. Save 80 to 140 Gallons of Water vs Standard Bucket Hand Wash.
  • With ONLY 1 Biodegradable PRODUCT Water Wash / Clean Wet FOAM, Little-Showers + Jet. Save 60 to 120 (or more) Gallons of Water vs Standard Bucket Hand Wash. NO Water Spots
  • No High-Pressure Washer is needed.
  • DETAILING with above, plus 3other Detail Specialized Products (5 for same services, instead of 9-10), do 7 additional Services: Basic Exterior & Interior Detailing, Engine Cleaning + Shine, Seat Conditioning & UV Rays Protection, Removing, Extra Shine for Car Interior, Carpet Cleaning and Exterior Waxing and UV Protection.

KIT includes Car Cleaning and Detailing Specialized Items, plus following:

*Unique Multi-Service Product for Dry/SHINE Wash + Basic Detailing- Our Flagship Product

ECO QUICK ™Wash & SHINE + Basic Detailing, Vehicle Exterior & Interior. All with ONE PRODUCT. It is Waterless, ECOLOGICAL, Safe, Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, No-Scratches, No-Swirl marks. CLEANS & SHINE ALL Surfaces: Metal, Glass, Chrome, Aluminum, Leather,Vinyl, Plastic, Rubber& Wood
Quick & Easy CLEANS & SHINE Steps: 1-Spray on car section and microgber towel, 2-Caress softly with sprayed Microfiber towel to clean, removing dirt already lifted by sprayed liquid & 3-Shine with clean side of Microfiber towel, passing over cleaned area.
Mighty surfactants demolish road grime, contaminants and dirt plus Shining and Phosphate-Free special formula, leaves a Super Clean, Bright and Protected surface. Other waxy-type products prevent good cleaning of glass.

  • Result: Spotless Clean, Shinning-Beading, Water Spots-Free, Scratch-Free, Swirl-Free and Protected Finish.
  • Safety First: Water on the floor, and a hose, is not only inconvenient but dangerous, and with possible suing risk.
  • Bonus: Saves between 80 to 140 gallons of water.
  • Multi-Applications: Automotive, Home, Marine, Commercial and Industrial.

*Unique Additional Full DETAILING Multi-Purpose HD Multi-Cleaner + DEGREASER

  • ECO QUICK ™H.D. Multi-Cleaner + DEGREASER. Unique All-In-One Purpose, Full DETAILING Multi-Function Product. It is ECOLOGICAL, Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, No-Scratches, No-Swirl marks.It is a blend of plant surfactants and essential oils and other special ingredients.CLEANS & SHINE ALL Surfaces: Metal, Glass, Chrome, Aluminum, Leather,Vinyl, Plastic, Rubberand Wood
  • QUICKLY Cleans ALL Surfaces. Dissolves: Dirt, Grease,Oil, Grime, Dust, Spots, Bugs & Tar. Dry Cleans Engine, Upholstery (Leather, Vinyl, Cloth, Plastic), Carpet, Glass, Metal, Chrome, Aluminum, Rug,Rubberand Wood.
  • Main Detailing Services: EngineDry Cleaning, Carpets Cleaning, Spot Cleaning (Leather-Vinyl-Plastic-Cloth) of Seats and Car Sections, Bugs & Tar Removal, Wheel Cleaning, Metal, Rubber etc.
  • Multi-Applications: Automotive, Home, Marine, Commercial and Industrial.

*Unique Additional Full DETAILING Multi-Purpose CONDITIONER & Protector + Semi-Gloss SHINNER

  • ECO QUICK ™ Deluxe CONDITIONER, Protector and Extra SHINER. Unique Multi-Use Full DETAILING Product. It is ECOLOGICAL,Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, No-Scratches, No-Swirl marks. A water-based blend of waxes, oils, plant surfactants and polymers penetrate deeply and provide a protective, luster and resistant coating.
  • Multi-Function: Conditions, Shines and Protects, at the same time, Upholstery & Other Interior Car Sections (Leather-Vinyl-Plastic-Trim-Rubber-Wood), Dashboard, Tires, Engine and non-painted bumpers. Instead of greasy slippery undesirable surface, it provides a shiny semi-gloss, silky and
    smooth sparkling gnish to those surfaces. Ideal for preventive treatment of cracking and tearing.
  • Main Detailing Services: Upholstery Conditioning of Leather Seats and Sections + Shine, Upholstery Conditioning of Vinyl / Plastic Seats and Sections + Shine, Engine Gloss Shinning, Dashboard Protection + Shine, Tires Shinning & Protection.
  • Multi-Applications: Automotive, Home, Marine, Commercial and Industrial.

*Unique Additional Full DETAILING Multi-Purpose SPRAY WAX Super Shine + UV PROTECTOR

  • ECO QUICK ™ SPRAY WAX + UV Protector is the Quicker-Easier. It is ECOLOGICAL,Safe, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous, No-Scratches, No-Swirl marks. A unique blend of polymer, carnauba wax and beeswax emulsions assure protection and glossy gnish. Simplest WaxingSolution. Just 1-Shake & Spray, 2-
  • Spread by wiping product with a Micro Fiber towel &3-Shine with clean side of Microgber towel,swipe for a superb waxy attractive look.
  • Main Detailing Services: External Vehicle Waxing and Protection including same from UV Rays
  • Multi-Applications: Automotive, Home, Marine, Commercial and Industrial.

*Unique Multi-Service Product for ULTRA WASH+ Water/FOAM (for Water use with Bucket, HP Washer or Little WATER Showers + Jet Nozzle) No Need for HP Washer)& for FOAM with Spray Foaming Wand. SUPERIOR Quality compared to Common Liquid Car Wash Detergents/Soaps

  • ECO QUICK ™ ULTRA WASH CONCENTRATE is a Unique High-Suds Formula. ECOLOGICAL High-Suds ingredients get rid of dirt, grime, dust and bugs, away from paint and glass, without streaks or damage to existing wax or gnish. Includes water softening agents. Leaves vehicle with a beautiful streak-free finish. It is Safe, Biodegradable, Phosphate-Free, Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic,No-Scratches, No-Swirl marks& with Powerful Plant-Base ingredients. A Superior + Versatile type of Luxurious washing with water. Best & Gentle Hand-Wash, whether Regular Standard Bucket, High-Pressure Cleaning, LITTLE Water Showers + Jet Nozzle, FOAMINGand / or Spot-Free Wash.
  • Multi-Use: Cleans ALL vehicle exterior surfaces
  • Multi-Applications: Automotive, Home, Marine, Commercial and Industrial.
    NOTE: Similar formula available as a non-concentrate, upon request.


  • Spray FOAMING Wash Wand.

A Professional Vehicle Wash Component. FOAMCatches, Surrounds (maintains in Suspension), Soaks and Loosens Surface Dirt, Dust & Debris on vehicle. Results:Suspended Particles Minimizespossibility of Scratches,Quicker Wash& Less Waterused. Heavy Duty Plastic Construction.
Automotive, Home and Commercial use.

  • JET Stream + MULTI-Pattern LESS Water Shower Hose Nozzle

A Professional Vehicle Wash Component. 4-in-1 Nozzle; Functions:Light Pre-Wash,JET-Wash, Med-ShowerRinse and Final Laminar-Rinse. All metal core for superior quality. Rubber over molding allows for a grm grip and easy to reach on/off control. NOTE: Laminar-Rinse contributes to Spot-Free rinsing, but to achieve better results, other complimentary products and procedures are recommended.

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