About Us

ECOELECT INC, d.b.a. ECO QUICK provides any person or company with pro?table business opportunities and products with bene?ts for all.


We value people and businesses that adhere like us to the highest standards of morality, honesty, and ethical principles. We believe that a good business opportunity its only acceptable, if it is a two way street, beneGcial for both parties. Therefore we strive to provide the most valuable products, services, and business ventures with the best practice of doing business.


Founder and family of this relatively new business have been in the automotive industry for more than 60 years. Yes, more than six decades involved in different areas, such as auto shop productivity packages and software, automotive service equipment business, tire related supplies and distribution of auto parts, after markets products and services. Developed several business and educational models, enterprises and distribution channels throughout the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean. Served as Automotive Manufacturing Agency and Business Development Consultant.


With awareness of our natural resources, and a genuine concern in protecting the environment, we have partnered with a manufacturer in the USA that has helped us in the formulation of our product line with eco-friendly ingredients and a user performance in mind. Our products rely on cleaning, polishing and protecting agents that equal or surpass the best products in the industry. Our products are Made in the USA with raw materials that exhibit superior environmental and human health performance. All are ecological, non-hazardous and non-Tammable.


ECO QUICK has developed unique opportunities and products with the ultimate technological advances that will go beyond clean and shine your automobile, but it will also leave a protective layer on your paint that will guard your car from severe weather and traVc conditions. We have also a product line of a variety of detailing products to clean and protect both the exterior and interior of any vehicle.

What to expect in the following sections:

Eco Quick Products

In this area you will Gnd each of our products with a detailed description of what it is, how to use it, and its application. Individuals may want to buy any of these products for their own use. Also, any existing business that may want to add a special service or detailing product to increase their revenue while providing additional beneGts and protection to their clients…

Do It Yourselves (DIY)

We decided to put together several products and assemble them in kits for the people who want to do it for themselves and like to save money. Therefore, this section is for people who love to keep their cars clean and shine and prefer to take care of this by themselves. They want the look and quality of a professional job done, but with the savings and convenience of doing it by themselves with one single product.

Business Opportunity Kits

If this area we decided to put together several business packages for people who want to establish a business, or whoever wants to work for a part time income that could easily become a full-time venture. We even designed a “work-study” opportunity for the college students who need to work to Gnance their tuition and board.

Enterprise Business Opportunity

We are super excited about this unique opportunity. This one is for the real serious entrepreneur. When you register and are selected for this Enterprise Business Opportunity Package you have automatically acquired TWO businesses with one single investment. One with option of either a Mobile DRY Wash (waterless) + SHINE or a & Less-Water Spot-Free Car Wash Business (each with only 1 ecological product) and second one, a Commission Business, to sell and earn commissions not only of all the business opportunity kits, but also the Do-It- Yourself (DIY) kits plus all other ecological products in the ECO-QUICK line.